By the late 1990’s, the historic Ojibway Hotel had stood for more than ninety years and through many generations of Pointe au Baril cottagers and Georgian Bay visitors. If it were going to continue as a remarkable asset to both the local community and the general public, significant work would be required to preserve not only the Hotel, but also its related buildings and infrastructure dating back to 1906. So a plan was developed to create a new charitable organization that could both undertake this work and make the resulting benefits of the historic restorations accessible for the benefit of educating the general public about the architectural and cultural history of the local area and region.

     In 2001, the Township of the Archipelago passed a By-Law recognizing the Hotel and numerous structures and features of the Ojibway Island as having architectural and historical value under the Ontario Heritage Act. Later that year, the Ojibway Historical Preservation Society (OHPS) was formed as a non-profit corporation and recognized as a charity for Canadian tax purposes. The Historical Society then entered into a 99-year lease with The Ojibway Club for the recognized historical elements of the Hotel and the other designated buildings and island features, and began the long and arduous process of carefully restoring them to their original condition. In order to support this process, under the Canada Revenue Act and the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, respectively, Canadian and American residents can obtain tax receipts for their donations which make possible the restoration projects that have been undertaken each year.

     Thanks to the Historical Society, supported by many generous contributions from the Pointe au Baril community, members of the general public continue to come from far and wide to enjoy the beautifully restored Ojibway Island facilities. By remaining committed to restoring and preserving what has been a legacy to this generation, we are thus maintaining the tradition of investing in a remarkable architectural and cultural heritage now for the benefit of the many future generations to follow.