Ojibway Island Historic Walking Trails

Over 100 years ago, when islanders and visitors as well as the local Native Americans needed to move from place to place on the Ojibway Island, they used a system of trails that stretched from the dock, hotel, cottages, grocery and ice house, boat works, and stable along the north side to the back beach, ice storage, Gazebo rest stops for strolling ladies and gentlemen, canoe and sailing areas and living quarters with tents for the Native American helpers along the south side. As time and activities on the island progressed, more connecting trails were added from east to west creating pathways to and from miniature golf and shuffleboard in the island center, different points to the southwest portion of the back beach and well west to the island incinerator and a bit later to a volleyball court. Through the extensive work behind the ERA Report and addition Historical Society research uncovering old photos, sketched maps, monuments, guideposts and verbal recollections from longstanding residents of the Ojibway community, OHPS has identified and restored significant portions of this trail system; and we are pleased to offer the Google Earth Map below and the description of the ongoing Walking Trails preservation Project under the connecting CURRENT EVENTS page of this website.

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