While all charitable donations are worthy, few are as satisfying as donating to the Ojibway Historical Preservation Society. Satisfying because you can see, touch and experience the results of your support. To date, your generous donations since 2001 have renewed the Ojibway Club's main Hotel building throughout, including roof, siding, windows, electric, plumbing, fire suppression, interiors, railings, stone stairway; and allowed for replacement of the septic system, the restoration of the old Grocery Store, the upgrading of the Movie Hut, preservation of historic Cottages around the Island, and the reclaiming of five phases of the Walking Trails. We invite you to participate in this historic process under which, thus far, over 100 years of unique heritage have been refreshed and preserved for many more generations of enjoyment.

Much still remains to be done as we continue restoration and preservation of the Ojibway's historic structures and elements. Current projects underway include additional phases of the Walking Trails, the Swim Pavilion area at the back beach, and the heritage landmark Basswood Cottage. (Descriptions of these restorations can be found under the CURRENT EVENTS section of this website).

These projects can only be achieved with your continued financial support. If you have a preference for donating to one of the three current projects above in particular, you may express that in your donation communication. Whichever your preference, you can give generously in one of three ways:  on-line, by cheque and by Visa or Mastercard.  Simply click on the appropriate link below for instructions.  All donations are tax deductible and tax receipts will be provided, respectively, for both Canadian and U.S. citizens. Should you have special instructions regarding your donation or would like information about “in kind” giving through Estate Planning or Life Insurance, please contact Sue Sheardown on (905) 939-8293 or by e-mail rexlea@istar.ca.