At The Ojibway, 100 Summers on Georgian Bay began with Michael Douglas’s suggestion that a book might be the best way to mark the Ojbway’s centennial in 2006. Written by award-winning author David MacFarlane with the research gathered by Patti Bunston-Gunn, Rebecca Middleton and Joanna Ruby during an exhilarating 18 month long scavenger hunt.

     Friends from the publishing and literary world offered critical help. Sarah Milroy, Janet Irving, Ann Dowsett Johnston and Helga Stevenson generously stepped in with their wealth of experience. Special thanks to Alastair & Duggan Melhuish, self-publishers of their own Cognashene book.  We are also grateful to the patient and helpful staff of the many institutions we visited.  

     Barb Woolley, with her team at Hambly & Woolley, oversaw the design and production of this elegant book, which beautifully combines text with image and shows the passage of time.

     Our research motto was ‘Never give up!  Never surrender!’ Material was discovered in rare book collections and dusty cottage trunks full of diaries, letters and old photos. To those who lent their precious family archives, thank-you. We hope this book does justice to your treasured memories.  Special acknowledgement must go to Nancy Rogers, who lent the extensive archives of her mother, Ruth MacCuaig. And thanks to Kate Wells, our marketing wunderkind. 

     None of this would have happened without ‘our beloved investors’ who believed in the book from the beginning and supported the project without hesitation. Thank-you especially to John Orviss.

     We hope you enjoy reading At The Ojibway as much as we enjoyed being part of its creation.

Nancy Lang

Additional Researchers:
Gill Cameron, Sted Garber , Doug Hall, Valerie Orviss, Driz Prior, Bill & Wilma Rhodes

Jim & Martha Digby Boyle , Peter & Heather Bryce, Rich & Toby Cavers, Terry & Hilde Clark, Steve Dent & Janet Maclaren. Michael & Maureen Douglas, Stephen & Cathy Griggs, Steve Gunn & Patti Bunston-Gunn, Doug Hall, Neil Kernaghan, Ted & Alice Kernaghan, Bob Kilgour & Sylvia Kemp, Don & Suzanne Kopas, Roger Martin & Nancy Lang, Hugh & Ada Morris, Derek Nelson & Merelyn Shore, John & Valerie Orviss, John & Francie Pepper, Bill & Carol Prior, Emery & Tara Prior, Tim & Gail Regan, Doug & Jane Rowan, Tom & Pam Scoon, Rob & Marg Thorburn

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Archival materials:
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Ann Wilson, Janet Young

Museums, Libraries and Archives
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