The OHPS Board

In recognition of the various functional responsibilities involved in the operations of the Historical Society, and in response to evolving circumstances as we meet the growing opportunities and challenges of OHPS, the Board has formalized the roles of the Directors accordingly as follows:

Terry Clark
Chair of the Board, President of the Corporation

Douglas Bryce
Secretary-Treasurer, Finance

Bill Watts
Building & Grounds

Leslie Prior Taylor
Donor Relations

Martha Hall Findlay
Legal & Governance

Sean Clarke
Fundraising and Nominating

Jenni McIsaac
Special Projects

Nancy Lang
Historical Archives & Website

Helen Bryce
Director/Recording Secretary


     You may always contact any one of us if you have comments or questions, thoughts or concerns about any issues related to OHPS or its involvement in support of the Ojibway community; and perhaps these role and responsibility designations will give you a better understanding as to where your communications could best be directed.