Over the past several years, the Board has been exploring the parameters for developing an Historical Society website that will enable us to provide a resource for access to viewing all the historical background, maps, memorabilia, pictures and artifacts that reveal the rich heritage of Ojibway Island; descriptions and portfolios of both past and current activities; historical documents, timelines and archives; interviews of local personalities reaching back to the historical past; books and reports written about Ojibway Island; videos and virtual tours of landmark locations on the Island, including re-creations of old historic hotel rooms and other structures; recent and proposed projects; donor lists; Board members and contact information; partners in historic education and related constituencies; current events, and much, much more.

     Our August 2015 launching of this OHPS website is starting with a great deal of that envisioned capability (and providing the foundation for the rest). The site has become a reality thanks to the many efforts of Board member Nancy Lang and design firm Hambly & Woolley's Barbara Woolley, the designer of the book AT THE OJIBWAY, 100 Summers on the Georgian Bay. The enhanced website will also enable the Historical Society to expand the reach of our public access.

     A fundamental responsibility of OHPS under our charter as a tax-exempt charitable corporation, in addition to restoration and preservation of historic physical assets, is to educate and provide access to the public on the historically and architecturally significant structures and elements of the Island area and Club facilities. The many items described above for posting on the new website will effectively provide unlimited access through an historic window into our past to fulfill these educational and public access requirements. We hope you enjoy exploring the site, and that you will offer suggestions for further historical material as we continue adding to the heritage content over time.

Terry Clark,
President & Board Chair
The Ojibway Historical Preservation Society